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AppNeta Performance Manager is a SaaS platform providing complete performance visibility into the usage, delivery and experience of business-critical cloud and SaaS applications from the end user's perspective.

Monitor apps from behind the firewall or from the outside in

Measure end-user experience from where your user is. Run scripts for any application to proactively alert on performance from the network, server or browser. Easily deployed behind the firewall with a monitoring point you can measure over the application delivery path including WiFiWAN, LAN and your ISP.

Get network context for applications

See every hop between the app and end users and see both the active route and the route change over time. You'll get more performance detail with automatic network delivery path integration. For apps like Office 365 you can compare total capacity measurements with HTTP throughput over time. AppNeta adds true context for your SaaS and web apps with deep network metrics and diagnostics.

Take advantage of Selenium and milestones

Use the industry's most advanced Selenium script engine with custom milestone breakpoints to better monitor single-page apps. With milestones, AppNeta gives you the ability to create logical transitions in your synthetic monitoring that regular Selenium scripts can't because it relies on page transitions. You can also see automatically generated screenshots when the script encounters an error to know exactly what the user saw when the page failed.

See multi-page waterfall charting with time to first byte and page loads

Use detailed page content breakdown information that includes JavaScript, CSS, HTML, HTTP throughput, response time and network, browser and server timings. Follow transactions through multiple steps on a single page, even in the most modern single-page apps (e.g., G SuiteOffice 365), with AppNeta milestones.

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