Schedule My PC Makes Computer Automation Easy

Wouldn’t be nice to go to your desk and have the websites, applications, folders and files open for you based upon your schedule?

Imagine sitting down in front of your Windows PC and having the websites you routinely use throughout the year already open waiting for you to do your tasks, e.g., pay your bills, reading your favorite blogs or new sites, seeing the status of your auctions, getting the box scores on all your favorite sports, etc.

If you are a Systems or Network Administrator, run Powershell scripts, backups or other tasks that would help automate your Windows environment. Schedule My PC can run on Windows 2016/2012/2008/2003 Server or Windows 10, 8 or 7.

Schedule My PC's Schedule View Makes It Easy To See What Events are On the Schedule

Monthly, weekly, daily views shows you which tasks you have setup. Tasks can recur all day long or days of the week/month or year.

Simply Select the Type of Event and Content You Want to Happen

The easy to use and familiar user interface makes it simple to setup tasks with the option to send emails and SMS text messages and have the same task recur on a schedule you set. See the image below.

This is great for opening websites, folders, files, programs and scripts based upon your schedule and enhance your productivity. Add custom sounds to let you know the Task was triggered at the time it is scheduled for and notify you that the task happened!

Automation Made Easy - Schedule My PC

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