WhatsUp Gold Subscriptions, Licensing, and Support

Leverage Network Pipeline's Experience and Expertise

Network Pipeline has been providing re seller services, professional services and training since 2000 for Ipswitch's WhatsUp Gold Network Monitoring application and plug-ins. We have over 20+ years of deployment and training experience to bring to the table and enable clients to take full advantage of WhatsUp Gold and maximize the Return On Investment.

Licensing and Renewals

NPI can offer access to competitive pricing for new licensing, renewals and plug-ins. Purchase the NPI WhatsUp Gold Subscription Plan and buy licensing at our cost.

Project Management - Design, Implementation to Production and Hand Off to Client

With over 30 years of Project Management experience, NPI can optimize the design of your network monitoring system to meet your requirements, assist or perform the implementation roll-out and bring the network monitoring system into production for immediate use. Typical installations with the client's involvement can be done inside 5 days.

Training - Online, Classroom, On Site at your Offices

Once deployed, NPI Instructors can quickly bring your Network Operations Center Staff up to speed with On Site, Online or Classroom training with our combination of interactive lectures and labs, that mimic the deployment and management of your network monitoring system.

WhatsUp Gold Subscription and Support Plans

Not all clients can afford full-time staff to maintain and manage their WhatsUp Gold systems or simply need that extra level of support to maximize the power of the WhatsUp Gold. NPI's cost effective Support Plans include not only technical support in deploying new functionality, NPI will assist in back-ups, upgrades, renewals, interface between the client and Ipswitch but also includes monthly training hours for your entire staff.

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